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SYAMA RAYNER feminine lead in the feature film "The mute of Gallura"

SYAMA RAYNER is in the midst of its moment of success. After 2 awards won in Los Angeles and London as Best Supporting Actress in the forthcoming film "The Final Code" her first film as a female protagonist is released in theaters. The first ever in theaters, after 5 films made between 2019, the year of his debut in a feature film and 2021.

Il muto di Gallura, in competition at the Turin Film Festival, is a "western" film set in the land where Syama grew up, Gallura and played all in the native dialect. A dramatic film that tells the legendary story of Bastiano Tansu (the mute) and the feud that involved the two opposing families, the Tansu and the Mamia.

Syama plays Gavina the young woman with whom the fearsome bandit fell in love and who had to live a clandestine love in a time when choices were made in the family and silence was a code, like revenge.